We’re a dynamic team specializing in photographing the work of general contractors including home re-models, before and afters, new construction, landscaping, and design. We strive to build solid, long-lasting relationships with YOU, our contractors, throughout the Southland.

You’ll like working with us. We’re reliable, accessible, easy to work with and thoughtful about photographing your projects in the best light possible.

Ellen3Ellen Schaefer, Photographer & Co-Owner
Ellen is a professional photographer who has worked in a wide range of fields – interior design, fashion, nightlife, landscape, family, special occasions, and fine art. Her love for capturing small but important details that tell stories or clearly portray the subject led her to specialize in construction photography.

Ellen studied at CSU Fullerton where she received a Bachelor of Art degree specializing in photography. Prior to founding Contract PHOTO, she has a lengthly customer service and hospitality resume, and a background in teaching, design, and fashion modeling.

Kathy1Kathy Schaefer, Business Manager & Co-Owner
Resident and small business owner in the Inland Empire for 30+ years. She is the financial advisor and business development guide for Contract PHOTO.

Kathy is involved in various charitable activities including mentoring children and volunteering at food and clothing drives. She leads a healthy life-style participating in marathons, biking and exploring the inland mountain terrain.

Ellen and Kathy are partners in Contract PHOTO, the business was created in 2014 with the help of their general contractor family member, who ignited and encouraged the idea of a photography company that tailors to people just like him. We are happy to say our business is growing in popularity, and we look forward to what the future has in store!

Contract PHOTO is focused on working with the general contractor by providing beautiful images of their well deserving projects. General contractors often forget to collect the visual data leftover from their previous job; they are busy orchestrating all the details and behind the scenes work; they are full-time directors on site, off-site, weeknights and weekends…some don’t necessarily have the time or energy to document the work professionally.

That is exactly WHY and WHEN our company steps up to the plate. We know you’re in the trenches, and it’s a full work load carried on your shoulders. Let us help by providing YOU some relief for a change.

Contract PHOTO exists for contractors who need professional images for advertising, marketing and websites. Investigate your competition, look at their websites.

It’s the power of professional photography that separates the average contractor from the extroraordionary. Prove it to your peers, challenge your limits and impress your clients. Illuminate YOUR work, Inspire YOUR clients!